Aims & Objectives


The Association shall be non-political and non-religious body.


The Association shall be a corporate body which may sue and may be sued in its corporate name.


The Association shall watch over, promote and protect the mutual interests of the members and represent the members generally in problems concerning their industries.


The Association shall strive for complete unity and understanding between the member units. It shall also identify and solve common as well as individual problems of the members / units.


The Association shall create a perfect rapport between units and the Govt.


The Association shall hold frequent get togethers to promote better understanding and encourage social contacts among members.


The Association shall strive and / or seek to affiliate itself with National level Associations / Bodies concerning Industries in general and small scale sector in particular.


The Association shall further the cause of Industries by holding consultations with the related Government bodies.


The Association shall deal with such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to attainment of the above objects or any of them and to receive subscriptions and donations for the purpose of the Association.


The Association shall encourage to develop the industrial and scientific temper in members with regard to Jammu & Kashmir State in particular.


The Association will organize workshops and seminars with a view to introduce standard and good manufacturing practices, processes and procedures by providing subsidizing endowing or assisting through contribution of its own funds or generating funds through donations, grants from other lawful resources towards the objects of the Association.

In addition to the above primary objectives, the Association will also strive to undertake the following at an appropriate stage i.e. when Association has the resources, capacity and infra-structure.


To publish a news letter / trade magazine for the communication of thoughts as well as to educate / apprise the members with the developments about the trade and its policies in India and abroad and provide information that will help to mobilizes ideas with a view to promotions and up-grading the business.


To promote the interest of the Small Scale Entrepreneurs by advertising their products and services in manner and in particular to give prizes, certificates and awards to members and to promote and take part in competitions, displays exhibitions and produce audio-visual aids concerning the business.


To work for promotion of groups housing societies for entrepreneurs / workers / staff.